Sunday, July 10, 2011

Introduction of Ganze

This image resembles the typical scenery of Ganze County: juicy grassland foiled against steep and rocky mountains up to 5992m.

With 5992m Mt. Kawaluori is the highest peak around Ganze. It also is the most eastern peak of the Mt. Chola Mountain Range, a thin mountain range that stretches for more than 200km from the Sichuan/TAR border to Luhuo County.

Here is a masterpiece of herders art: Yak dung mixed with straw and neatly spread on house walls for drying. This is an effective fuel in areas where is lack of fire wood.

Beautifully painted prayer mills in one of the first Monasteries of the Sakyapa School on the Eastern Tibetan High Plateau

This is a very sacred place: A massive rock blocks the river bed. The stream found its way underneath the huge erratic. 

The Yarlong River - the mightiest river in Ganze. Here it still flows smoothly and slowly, before it pours into the steep canyon of the Xinlong and Yajiang Counties. Unfortunately, recent hydro power development is going to steal its water by a series of huge power plants - another evidence of megalomania in resource-hungry China.