Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Winter habitat of Black-necked Crane

In the beginning of December 2009 I was with Meggie and Sid on a birding trip to the North of Yunnan Province. Our aim was a high altitude wetland where a big part of the Black-necked Crane population is spending winter.

On the way off Chengdu we found this pair of Common Kingfishers, obviously having a quarrel...

Two Solar Eclipses in Sichuan

Since the Chinese government closed down, it is hard for me to post any new reports and pictures on my Blog. Abroad it is much easier to find a way to get around this censorship and eventually I am able to begin to work my journeys all up.

In 22.July 2009 and 15.January 2010 there were two nice solar eclipses over Sichuan which I could manage to observe with my own eyes. The first was on Tsemet Pass (4550m) with the marvellous west face of Minya Konka (7556m) in the front.

waiting for the great moment