Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mt. Zhara Lhatse

This post shall give a short introduction of one of the most sovereign mountains of the area between Gyarong and Kham: Mt. Zhara Lhatse (5820m)
(in Chinese: Yala Shenshan)

He pops out behind the rolling hills of the Tagong Grassland and the eastern part of the Tibetan High Plateau. But actually he still belongs to


Birding trip in Sichuan, May 18th - June 14th 2009

This trip was an extensive birding experience through the main bird habitats of Sichuan. Although May and June usually are the best months to go bird watching in Sichuan - in terms of birds and weather, this year we had to fight with really untypical weather for this season:

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Minya Konka (chin. Gongga Shan) and the Konka Gompa

Minya Konka is Tibetan and means “Snow Mountain of the Minyak Region”. He is the sacred mountain of Minyak which, in ancient times, was a huge and powerful kingdom.

The Minya Konka Range is a division line between the hilly grassland of the Tibetan High Plateau and

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pilgrimage around the holy Mt. Kawa Karpo / Meili Xueshan Massif — January 2009

For years it has been my dream to hike around the impressive mountain range of Kawa Karpo — one of the holiest mountains in Tibetan Buddhism. Its main peak is the Mt. Kagebo with a height of 6740m. Due to religious reasons as well as varialble climate in this area all of the five summits are as yet unclimbed.

The mountain range is placed in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Park of the “Three Parallel Rivers”. Those are