Wednesday, July 13, 2011

BEST OF 2010

Thought I should compile some of my most favourite pictures of last year - of those which anytime make myself dreaming of the freedom underneath the endless Tibetan Sky.

This is the Lhamo She Group (chin. She Haizi Shan, 6070m), a northern split of the Minya Konka Range.

My favourite view towards the high rugged mountain range near Ganze.

On the left of the picture you can see a very remote lamasery: Zhankar Gompa lies at 4050m on the Tagong Grassland.

Also on the Tagong Grassland I took this picture of a Gentian. These flowers can be found in any colour between white and dark blue here at 4100m above sea level.

Mid Autumn Moon

This skull is burried in a high-altitude marsh. Tibetans do not mind dead animals lying around: death belongs to life, and symbols of death (like this skull) shall remind you to never forget this truth.

Tagong Marshland with the peak of Mt. Zhara Lhaste in the back

Close to the western glacier of Minya Konka. A glacier that reaches from 7556m down to 3800m...

Two yak bulls fighting out a disagreement.

This is a Choerten which was build long before the convenience of concrete conquered the Tibetan High Plateau.

Chipmunks belong to the most common wildlife here in the high alpine forests.

Our pack horses - endless miles underneath an endless sky....

This picture is a nice reward for a long climb up to a 5000m ridge from where these Snow Partridges were observing us.