Tuesday, November 29, 2011

5000m in 7 Days --- The Rewuqie Pasture

This 5 day trekking tour (7days from Chengdu) included a nice ascent of a 5000m peak in the northern Minya Konka Range. The only thing we had to pay attention to were acclimatisation issues.

Here is the first glimpse towards Minya Konka for me since quite a while. One week before getting to the high mountains I have been on Mt. Emei. On its top you usually can view this great mountain range in the far west.

A week later we already could enjoy the stunning view on Mt. Jiazi Feng. This peak stands out of the valley with its height of 6534m and is already visible near Kangding.

On our slow hike uphill we were accompanied by the most colourful autumn atmosphere.

The last camp before the ascent was at 4200m on the upper Panpan Pasture. Here autumn showed us Gentiana in any colours from white to purple.

About noon we reached the pass and - after another hour - our 5150m peak. With a hearty lunch in our hands we now could enjoy this prospect: